Had the privilege of taking part again in the annual Script Reading Event for the New School’s School of Media Studies. Five winning screenplays were selected from dozens of submission, and twelve-minute excerpts from each of the winning scripts were performed by a cast of five actors in a live reading. An interesting hybrid of film and theatre, and a great playground for the actors. We sometimes played three or four different characters in the same scene, and had to make strong clear character choices to mark the distinctions.

So, I Might Have Done This Thing….


Got another out-of-the-blue offer a few weeks back. A couple days of principal work on a big time movie. Not a huge part, hopefully won't end up on the cutting room floor. But it was a big enough deal to make me excited to share the news with everyone.

Well, there's this little thing called a Non-Disclosure Agreement. In the age of social media, studios are working harder than ever to control their publicity and minimize any leaks about production. I thought it was kinda silly, but as I sat in the makeup trailer next to... um... someone who MAY have won an Oscar, I texted Joey about it. …

Unexpected Opportunities


It’s been a bit of a dry spell lately, hacking away at my money job for several months without a whole lot of auditions, let alone bookings. It’s actually been okay since my amazing wife has been juggling FOUR directing gigs this fall, and I’m NOT looking to leave town again any time soon. So having a steady paycheck while being home as a parent and husband has been quite satisfying. Still, my inner actor was getting a little antsy. So it was great to get a call from my agent out of the blue checking my availability for a couple gigs I was being offered just on the basis of my

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