Part of the Cultural Conversation


Our leading lady Melissa Ericco has penned an essay for the New York Times titled “I Love Performing Those Songs, But What About the Gender Politics?” In it she discusses the challenges involved in presenting beloved classic musical theater in our current climate of #metoo awareness.

It’s a pretty hot topic in the Broadway community these days, with current and upcoming revivals of Carousel (domestic abuse as a sign of true love), My Fair Lady (“Eliza, get me my slippers.”), and Kiss Me Kate (a good firm spanking - COMEDY!) …

You Can See Forever (or at least till September!)


So our little skit is finding it’s audience.

The critics all had something to say about this problematic show, which was greeted as a bit of an oddity even back in its original production in 1965. Our director Charlotte Moore has done a major adaptation, streamlining the plot and scaling back the overall size of the production, both to fit more comfortably in Irish Rep’s intimate space, and to focus more directly on Lerner and Lane’s beautiful score. Whether she was successful in improving the script seems to be a matter of debate, but the reviews all rave about that score! …

On the Big Screen!

Image may contain: 4 people, including David Gibson, suit

So here I am, front and center in a PIVOTAL scene in America’s #1 movie, Ocean’s 8. I’m posting the photo here for anyone out there who may have blinked and missed it. Sandra Bullock’s voiceover explains that we’re the bankers from Omaha who have invested in fashion designer Helena Bonham Carter’s attempted comeback show. The show’s a total flop (non-spoiler) which explains our disgruntled faces. Shout out to my fellow bankers David Gibson and Steven Hauck. Two of the nicest guys you’d ever want to spend two frigid days with in the architectural landmark

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