Fun Home!

Fun Home musical Norfolk Virginia Stage Company

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but we finally got the go-ahead to announce publicly. I’m heading to Norfolk VA in January for a production of the 2015 Best Musical Tony winner Fun Home. I’ll be playing Bruce, the father with a dark secret. Just prepping the audition was a pretty intense experience, so I’m really glad to get the chance to put all that stress to good use!

I last worked at VA stage nearly 20 years ago (HOLY CRAP!) in a production of Dames at Sea with director Scott Schwartz. My oldest kid was only 18 months old at the time, my first time working away from home as a dad. …


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Well, nothing lasts forever, no matter how far you can see on a clear day.

We wrapped up at Irish Rep a couple weeks ago, saying goodbye after a successful 3-month run. It was a quirky little revival that got mixed reviews, but it sure felt great to be working at HOME again. And the dressing room cameraderie was just the best. Gonna miss these fools!

Got some good news last week about an upcoming project. It doesn’t start till January, so I’m gonna hold off on announcing anything specific online for now. Stay tuned!

Teacher, Teacher!

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Had the distinct pleasure of sitting in as guest teacher at On a Clear Days leading lady Melissa Errico’s musical theatre workshop class at the prestigious HB Studios here in New York. I’ve been doing a little private coaching now and then, mostly giving advice to colleagues and castmates preparing for auditions. But this was a whole different deal. A dozen students, a wide variety of ages, types, and levels of experience. I was a little intimidated to be teaching where so many famous acting teachers have worked their magic, but Melissa had done such a great job of creating a warm supportive atmosphere that it was actually quite easy to jump in with observations and suggestions. …

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