4 - Play

Meet the Cast of '4'

Opened last night in 4, an evening of one-acts at Up Theater in Inwood. Some really great, wide-ranging material. And I'm always amazed at how talented people can make something special, even with limited resources. Up is a new company, and even though they do an amzing job of securing grants and sponsorships, the budget is not exactly in the millions. Still, if you start with strong, interesting material, choose your director wisely, find actors with some chops who aren't afraid to commit to the material, assemble an incredible design team who seem to thrive on making magic happen in small unusual spaces… well, you get an evening of powerful theater.  All the more special if it's happening in your neighborhood.

Proud to be a part of the blossoming uptown arts scene! (Click the image above for a link to buy tickets.) (Yes that's me in the "Alice" position on the poster.)

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