Fashion Plate

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So this is a screenshot of a page from the Style Watch section of the Boston Globe from Sunday October 1st, 2017. I mention the date so specifically because future generations will come to know it as the day that hell officially froze over, as evidenced by this picture of yours truly on my way backstage for the opening performance of Merrily here at the Huntington Theatre in Boston. (Full article HERE.) The story has been widely derided as fake news, due mostly to several eyewitness accounts of nearby flying pigs which were obviously photoshopped out of the scene.

In other Merrily news, the stellar reviews keep pouring in, including this comment from Terry Teachout at the Wall Street Journal regarding bringing the show to Broadway: "It belongs there, and Ms. Friedman’s version would be an ideal way to get it there.

Hey, Theatre Gods! Are ya listening?

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