HOC in the NYT

Media Decoder - Behind the Scenes, Between the Lines

The coverage and hype for House of Cards has been crazy. The first-of-its-kind online distribution is a big story. (Also a pain in the butt for cast members trying to get footage for their reels… any ideas out there?) The Times has an interesting video piece on high-quality programming HERE. (They also mention upcoming Amazon pilots. I'm in one of those too - check future posts.)

The Times has also been covering HOC episode by episode in their MediaDecoder blog, checking to see if the show gets it right in its depiction of politics and journalism. Today they covered episode nine, and I was glad to see that my scene passed the test!  

Frank, trying to whip his members into voting the way he wants, urges them, “Vote your district, vote your conscience, don’t surprise me” — a line right out of the playbook of the actual whip, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California.

Read the full Media Decoder piece HERE.

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