Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily

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So this is a screenshot of the promotional vid the Huntington made for Merrily We Roll Along, (Click here for the video itself. Also dig the stud in the powder blue leisure suit!) We opened last week after a fairly grueling tech/preview process, and all that work paid off. The local critics have gone nuts, using phrases like “Outstanding, first rate…” (Boston Globe), and “Finest piece of theater of the past few decades.” (South Shore Critic.)

It’s all a testament to the amazing work of our director Maria Friedman. Confession - I was unfamiliar with her before I got the gig (she’s a REALLY big deal, especially in the UK) but the kindness, energy, and overall positive vibe she brought to the audition process made me want desperately to book this one. SO glad I did.

And the show itself is just fascinating. A legendary flop when it first opened back in 1981, it’s been tweaked over the years, and this production seems to get it just right. The story is told backwards, and the themes in the ridiculously beautiful score reappear as reprises (or “pre-prises) or sometimes as underscoring/counterpoint in a different song altogether. As you watch it, your brain is blown away by that logical/mathematical aspect, while your heart is being broken in pieces by the story of three friends whose relationships are in tatters. As the evening "rolls along” we see the turning points that led to all the pain, ending at the beginning, when they were young optimistic dreamers.

Can you tell I’m proud of this one?

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