New Pilot!


So, just like Netflix, Amazon has jumped into the content-producing ring. They're creating their own shows to lure viewers to subscribe to their Prime service to watch online. But unlike Netflix, they're using the drug-dealer model - the first taste is free. There's a handful of new pilots you can watch without being a subscriber. You can even leave comments. Based on the comments and number of viewers the pilots get, Amazon will then decide which shows get a full season, for subscribers only.

I've got a scene in one of these pilots, and lucky me, it happens to be the one getting the most hype. Alpha House stars John Goodman and was written by Gary Trudeau of Doonesbury fame. (My blog post about shooting the pilot is here.)

If you're in a hurry, my scene starts at the 4:35 mark.  If you're in a real hurry, I'm also in the trailer. Funny stuff! Be sure to leave a comment, and hopefully the show will get picked up!

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