On the Big Screen!

Image may contain: 4 people, including David Gibson, suit

So here I am, front and center in a PIVOTAL scene in America’s #1 movie, Ocean’s 8. I’m posting the photo here for anyone out there who may have blinked and missed it. Sandra Bullock’s voiceover explains that we’re the bankers from Omaha who have invested in fashion designer Helena Bonham Carter’s attempted comeback show. The show’s a total flop (non-spoiler) which explains our disgruntled faces. Shout out to my fellow bankers David Gibson and Steven Hauck. Two of the nicest guys you’d ever want to spend two frigid days with in the architectural landmark TWA terminal at JFK.

Went to see the movie with the family last week, and my daughter MAY have taken a quick illegal photo of the closing credits.

IMG 0137

There I am, right on top of Helena Bonham Carter. (Insert joke here.)

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