Quiet On The Set!


Interesting day on location with Blue Bloods last week. Made friends with Marc Blucas, of Buffy and Necessary Roughness fame. Really nice guy, and a terrific actor. He was there as a six-day guest star, but we were both the new kids that day. (No, that's not a Donnie Wahlberg joke.)

It was a nighttime shoot in Chelsea, pretending to be the Upper East Side. The scenes took place inside and outside the office of a distinguished-yet-discreet doctor played by yours truly. (See pretentious photo above.)

While Marc and Wahlberg were shooting the outdoor part of the scene, a pretty serious moment, a fan who was watching the shoot from her apartment window kept shouting "Donnie, tweet me back!" The crew was doing their best to keep the pedestrians walled off and to keep the crowd quiet, but this one fan just couldn't help herself. Seems like no matter how seriously someone tries to present themselves, boy-band fame is forever.

Social media is an amazing tool, but man is it ever double-edged!

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