Updating Sophocles


Got an invitation last week to take part in a reading of a new play, Fanatical, by Eddie Intar. I met Eddie during the run of 4, and evening of one-acts at Up Theatre in Inwood. My one-act in that production was a pretty broad comedy, so I’m glad Eddie’s asked me to read the heavy in this retelling of Antigone. (Not to be confused with Vestments of the Gods,  a DIFFERENT Antigone-inspired show where I ALSO read the Creon character.) My guy this time is a powerful businessman, obsessed with the New York Yankees. His son blames him for the death of his mother, and uses his dad’s Yankees-fanaticism to take revenge.

As 30-year Mets fan (remember ’86!) it’s kind of killing me to praise the Bronx Bombers out loud, even if it’s just in character. At least he’s the bad guy!

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