What happens in Vegas… tours the country!



Performances of the Kinky Boots National Tour started September 4th in Las Vegas, at the beautiful Smith Center. We were PACKED. 2,050 people crammed in, laughing, crying, clapping, cheering - and by the end, on their feet dancing and screaming! I've been in this business a long time, and I've been a part of some really special shows that have left audiences swooning. But I've never seen anything like this. Not to get too new-agey, but we can feel how this audience is just so eager to hear the show's message of acceptance and living your truth. The PR folks have coined the phrase "happiness machine" to describe the show, and I thought that was just clever spin until we started seeing the effect it has on our audience. So proud to be a part of it! (That's me on the left, btw, rocking the sweater vest. Oh so kinky.)

And it's not just my opinion - check out Robin Leach's review in the Las Vegas Sun.

My beloved flew out for opening weekend. Here's an opening night shot from the balcony of the Smith Center.


From Vegas we moved on to Tempe, AZ, selling out the 3000-seat Gammage Auditorim before we opened. Next week: San Diego.  Hold onto your hats, America!

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