You Can See Forever (or at least till September!)


So our little skit is finding it’s audience.

The critics all had something to say about this problematic show, which was greeted as a bit of an oddity even back in its original production in 1965. Our director Charlotte Moore has done a major adaptation, streamlining the plot and scaling back the overall size of the production, both to fit more comfortably in Irish Rep’s intimate space, and to focus more directly on Lerner and Lane’s beautiful score. Whether she was successful in improving the script seems to be a matter of debate, but the reviews all rave about that score! And deservedly so! Our five-piece orchestra is nestled right on stage with us (including LIVE HARP - gorgeous!) and I have the pleasure of crooning along in harmony with some of the sweetest voices in town.

Granted its not for everyone, but the buzz and the sales have been strong enough for the producers to announce an extension! Four more weeks! Must close September 6th!

Pics, reviews and an interesting thought piece from the Times all coming soon to this site. Meanwhile, tickets available HERE. (And yes, if you click on the link, thats me in the hat. In the dark. Sigh.)

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