Across the Multiverse


The universe works in strange ways. Joey’s new play, An Uninterrupted Thought, deals with themes of love and relationships across multiple lifetimes and parallel realities. She wanted to incorporate actual ideas from the world of quantum physics, so she did a random Facebook shout-out asking if anyone know anyone with expertise in the field.

Well, the internet pulled through. Turns out one of her college roommates is MARRIED to a quantum physicist, who loves the play. AND this ex-roommate just happens to run Shoreline Actors Collective in Clinton, CT. Next thing you know, there’s a public reading scheduled in Clinton featuring the SAC actors, and one very lucky New Yorker. 

Can’t wait to share this amazing piece with an audience. If you're interested in quantum physics, gender fluidity, open relationships, and/or the persistence of love over multiple lifetimes (and you have a car... ) come check us out! Info HERE.

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