Another Period Piece


Got the call last week - I've booked an episode of the new Cinemax series The Knick  directed by Steve Soderbergh. The email was actually kinda cool - it said I was "Mr. Soderbergh's choice," though I'm not sure how painstaking the process was. Maybe he just took a look at my audition tape and said "Him, I guess. Whatever." Still, the fragile actor ego will take any positive.

There's usually some kind of confidentiality clause in these contracts that keep the actors from blabbing/posting/tweeting any details about plot or character. But the show stars Clive Owen and centers around the Knickerbocker Hospital in downtown NYC in the early 1900's. It was a time of intense technological and social change, including the hiring of the city's first African-American surgeons. Should be pretty cool. Stay tuned.

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