Back to the ‘Mill


Headed back to Papermill Playhouse in Jersey for my first ever West Side. Don’t know how I manged to avoid this classic for all these years. If you include school and non-pro productions from back in the day, I’ve done 5 Gypsies, 3 Funny Girls, 3 Guys and Dollses, and a pair each of Anything Goeses, Hello Dollys, Peter Pans, and Annie Get Your Gunses. But never a West Side, and no Rogers and Hammerstein now that I think of it. (I better keep quiet about that, lest my musical geek card gets revoked.)

I’m playing Glad Hand (John Astin in the movie, for my fellow nerds) and understudying all the other grown up men. Happy to be back on the boards, excited to work on a variety of character roles, but THRILLED to have a decent-paying gig that keeps me HOME. 

Dates are 6/1 - 6/26. Come check us out! Click HERE for tickets.

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