Booting Up In Seattle


Greetings from the birthplace of Grunge and Starbucks!

Seattle is our fifth city on this tour, and after a series of quick one-week stops (Tempe, San Diego, Portland) the company is looking forward to a nice long sit-down in the Emerald City.

The tour is kicking box-office butt! Sold out for most performances, and in San Diego we broke the record for a one-week first-run of a musical.

I've been lucky enough to be asked to do some press interviews for the show. Seems like local media can't get enough Kinky Boots. Here's a
radio interview I did with Jeff Scott for Sky View Satellite Radio in Arizona. I had fun doing it, but I have to admit I was kinda shocked at the change in Jeff's voice when we switched from just introducing ourselves and chatting to actually recording the interview. Suddenly realized - Oh yeah, he IS a radio guy!

After Seattle we're hitting Denver, LA, and San Francisco.  Selling out fast - click HERE for tickets.

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