Cleveland Rocks…. those boots!

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Just finished a two-week stay in The Metropolis of the Western Reserve - aka Cleveland, Ohio. 25 years in the biz and 7 national tours, and somehow this was my first time here. The city’s still got kind of a bad rap from the bad old days of decline (ie “Burning River”) but it’s actually one of my favorite towns to play. Playhouse Square, with all its theaters clustered together, is as close to the feeling of being on Broadway as you’ll find anywhere in the country.

The sports stadiums are also close together downtown, and while we werent able to see King James lead his hometown team into the playoffs (see photo above), we did manage to get to an Indians game. Heres a shot of me with their disturbing mascot, Slider:


Also visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It happened to be induction week, so lots of R&R superstars were also in town. Saw Best Album Grammy winner Beck perusing the exhibits, and also 2015 inductee Bill Withers!

Best of all was being close to my wife’s hometown, and having in-laws and friends come to the show. So glad that when I finally toured Cleveland it was with a show that I’m so proud of. And the crowds were amazing.

More fun cities coming up, including Memphis (my other favorite town to tour) and some East coast cities - close enough to NYC for some quick trips home! Just hope it gets warmer soon. Snowing here in Buffalo yesterday! Oy!

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