Doctor Doctor!


I thought my episode of Blue Bloods wasn't airing until later this season, so I was surprised to get a message from my aunt in North Dakota Friday night saying she had just watched my scene. I grabbed the remote and switched to CBS to do a "Start Over." (To be honest, I'd never seen the show and didn't even know it aired on Fridays!)

It's just a quick little scene, but I'm pleased it came out okay. Here's a LINK to the episode on My scenes start at 20:18. I'll post the clip to the video page as soon as my limited tech savy permits.

(UPDATE: Watch the scene here.)

Quick behind-the-scenes Fun Fact: In addition to the Twitter fan incident, I also got a little advanced education about the rules on-set. There was plenty of extra blood on hand for the scene where Donnie Wahlberg (see screenshot above) asks me to stitch up the famous movie star, played by Marc Blucas. In between takes, the director kept calling for more blood on Marc's fake wound and on my bloody hemostat clamp. Turns out that makeup-blood and prop-blood are only allowed to be handled by members of those respective unions. I almost caused a major labor relations incident by dipping my clamp in the wrong bucket!

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