Drunken Rock 'n Roll Debut!


So when my daughter's school announced they were holding a live-band rock 'n roll karaoke fundraiser, I signed up right away. My inner rock star has always been repressed by my inner (and let's face it, OUTER) musical-theatre geek, and I thought this would be a fun chance to get my Jagger on. Besides, I know local dad Barry Friedman and his band BOD of NYC will totally rock that awesome intro - my favorite guitar lick ever.

So why did I wake up sick to my stomach? Why am I hoping no one shows up? Why am I seriously considering wimping out on this one? It's just for FUN - not an audition with a job on the line, not a paid crowd expecting their money's worth. Just a bunch of semi-drunken PTA parents there to have a good time and raise some much-needed school money. 


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