So the audition was all the way back in March. Got the offer in April, but I've been afraid to share the news too soon. (Superstitions run deep in this business)

Well, the announcement came out a couple days ago, so no more jinx: I'm gonna be in the Kinky Boots National Tour! Rehearsals start late July, then in late August we hit the road - tech and opening in VEGAS, BABY! I play George, the shop foreman at the struggling Price and Son shoe factory. He's a mostly mild-mannered guy whose passion is revealed when the chips are down. It's a fun role, AND I'll be on the road without understudying ANYONE. (For those who have endured that stress - you understand!)

It's a year-long commitment - tough decision for the whole family. But after a lot of soul searching and long talks, we all decided together that we could make it work. The touring experience has changed a lot since my first time on the road with Me and My Girl in 1987. Skype and cell phones haven't made it pain-free, but they sure help!

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