After 16 months, 35 cities, 428 performances, and too many thrilling moments to count, my time with the Kinky Boots National Tour has come to an end. Thanks to everyone across the country who came out to see the show. By far the most amazing experience of my career. What an incredible honor to work with such INSANELY talented people to bring this beautiful, hilarious, heartwarming story to people all over the country. And to get to play such a fun character. Aw, George. Gonna miss you.

I shaved off my beard as soon as the show came down, as promised. Then the delightful J. Harrison Ghee (currently killing it as Lola on tour) treated me to a full makeover a la our Kinky drag queens, aka The Angels. Here’s a shot of the final product:


Okay, so she's not winning any beauty contests, but she’s definitely working some glamour!

Anyway - I’ve been back in NYC for a few weeks with hardly any time to catch my breath. Parent duties have returned to their hands-on craziness with volleyball tryouts, high school search and applications, nagging about too much screen time etc etc etc. But after so much time away, I’m loving every second of it.

Here’s to the next gig! (One that keeps me HOME!)

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