Intense Reading


Honored to take part in a reading last week of No Home for Bees by Emily Dendinger, directed by Nancy Roblliard at Red Fern Theatre. The blurb says it all:

Sixteen-year-old Suz is trying to get reacquainted with her father after he is released from a five-year prison stint. However, when she discovers why he was incarcerated, she is forced to ask herself what constitutes an unforgivable act. In an exploration of sex and deviance, No Home For Bees investigates the repercussions of the desires we struggle to control.

So yeah, just an uplifting evening of light entertainment.

Actors are supposed to always embrace their characters without judgement, but sometimes it’s not so easy. Happily my wife was being played by… my wife(!) and that made it much easier. 

Shout-out to Red Fern, and their versatile performance space in the 14th Street Y. Tons of interesting and innovative work going on there.

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