Listen Up!


I’m published! (Well my voice, anyway.) Proud to announce the release of my first-ever audiobook, ALIENATED - Short Stories by Milo James Fowler. Available now on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. It was a blast to perform. The stories are written in very different styles -  third-person sensual-ish romance, second-person telepathic communication, first-person noir-esque thriller. A broad range of characters - men, women, children, aliens, computers… so much fun.

Shout out to Mark Boyett and the engineers at BookMark Audio. I used their studio and post services for my initial venture. Going forward, I’ll be using my own recording equipment. I brought my new microphone etc here to Norfolk VA (where I’m rehearsing FUN HOME) to get in some practice with recording and editing on my own. Now I just gotta figure out which of our closets at home in NYC is going to be sacrificed to create our booth!

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