Not So Fast...


So I had my sights set and my spirit all prepared to be finished with the Kinky Boots tour at the end of my one-year contract. But Yogi Berra was right about when it’s over, and when it ain’t.

I’ve been asked to stay on for another four weeks to give the powers-that-be a little more time to find and rehearse my replacement. The company had already planned a two-week layoff in September, so I at least get a nice break at home with the fam before heading out again for the home stretch. Even got to take College Kid back to school!

Lots of turnover going on with the Kinky cast, so the company I leave will look very different from the company I started with. Still going to be an extremely bittersweet departure. Bright side - I get to add Peoria IL and Appleton WI to the extensive list of cities I’ve played. (Don’t everybody cheer all at once, now!)

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