Oh How Fond-I’m Of Sondheim


Booked a gig at the Huntington Theatre in Boston. They’re bringing the British production of Merrily We Roll Along (won all kinds of awards over there a few years ago) to the States, and yours truly is playing Jerome the lawyer and understudying Charlie. 

Really excited about this one. Back at Carnegie-Mellon in the 80’s, we were all Sondheim nerds. But aside from a Sunday in the Park right after college, I haven’t had the chance to sing his music in a paid legit gig. I did get to meet the man himself, briefly, at the recording session for the Tyne Daly Gypsy cast album.

(Fun fact - they wanted to record the dance arrangement for “All I Need Is The Girl,” which had been left off of previous recordings. Bob Lambert who played Tulsa also danced the choreography so they could record the sounds of his tapping feet, but there was a problem. The mics were picking up a strange sound, which turned out to be his pantlegs rubbing against each other. They still wanted the tap sounds in the recording, so Bob agreed to dance the number without wearing his pants! So, if any of you Musical Theatre nerds out there have a copy of that cast album, the next time you listen to it, picture Bob dancing in his jockey shorts. “‘Cause all I real-ly-need is the girl… and some pants.”)

Merrily tickets available HERE. Use promo code ARTIST for a discount. 

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