SF ❤️ KB (And the feeling is mutual!)


Greetings from the city by the bay! Something of a homecoming for me, having grown up near San Jose, just an hour south. I always loved visiting here with my family when I was a kid, seeing shows and doing touristy stuff. But the tour is here for a month, so it’s been great to really explore the city. 

The show’s been incredibly well received - including this REVIEW from the SF Examiner.  Money quote:

Special recognition must also go to Craig Waletzko, whose character goes through a lovely metamorphosis from bookkeeper drudge to his own true self, with a song-and-dance enthusiasm that is simply ebullient.

Some nights there are more drag queens in the audience than there are onstage! (Nice try SF, but our ladies are still more fabulous.) I’ve had visits with friends from high school and from the theater scene in San Jose. Great to reconnect, and performing in this show for the people who helped me learn my craft feels like a very full circle.

Before San Francisco we played three weeks at the Pantages in LA. More full circle - the Pantages is where I joined my very first national tour - Me and My Girl with Tim Curry in 1980-something. I also got to visit with some college buddies for a mini-reunion. We had a terrific time, but I couldn’t convince any of them to give up the sunshine and palm trees to live in a “real” city. Ah, well.

LA followed a two-week stint in Denver. A beautiful city, warm audiences, and I met up with a cousin I didn’t even know I had!

I’ve been sneaking home to NYC on days off now and then, and my wife Joey flew our for our LA opening, but all four of us haven’t been together since late August. They’re flying out to join me for TWO WEEKS over the holidays. Best gifts Santa’s ever brought me!

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