Sticking Around For A While

So with this being my last year as a parent of a school-age child, I’ve decided to stay in town for the time being. Senior year is a huge deal with college applications. prom, graduation etc. and I don’t want to risk having to miss any of it. I missed taking kid #1 to college because of the Kinky Boots tour, and that was just kinda awful. So for the time being I’m staying home, earning some steady cash, and soaking up the last few months of full-time Dadding. And it’s been awesome.


AND I’ve been keeping my chops fresh by doing some readings. Most recently for the Athena Theatre Company’s new play reading series, Athena Reads. My friend (and all-around awesome person) Amy Jo Jackson does their casting, and out of the blue she asked if I’d be interested in doing a reading of East Rock by Kevin Daly. Its a fascinating piece about the underlying tensions around class and race that bubble up to the surface when the paroled son of a successful engineer comes to live with his dad in a mostly-white Connecticut neighborhood. The themes of housing segregation and  neighborhood tolerance were especially interesting to me (for reasons which will be made clear in a future blog post)

Geese Flyer 100619

Last month I took part in two different reading events. The first was a collection of scenes and one-acts, the latest works-in-progress by the writing collective known as The Geese. Lucky for me, the event was part of the A BLOOM series at Hudson View Gardens - just right down the street!


And a few weeks later, it was Private Passage by Louise Bylicki and James Serpentino, a hard-hitting piece about reproductive rights and the consequences of too many family secrets. Special thanks to director Nancy Robillard for inviting me - and my wife Joey. (Always nice to do a reading together about a horribly dysfunctional family. makes us feel better about our own parenting choices!)

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