Summertime, and the Baseball is Kinky!


As the Kinky Boots tour continues to wind its way across the country, I’ve been able to “collect” a few more stadiums (“stadia?”) to feed my inner baseball dork. The previous post showed a picture from Progressive Field in Cleveland, which I still call Jacobs Field. (I wonder how all the political conservatives in Cleveland feel about that renaming?)

Since then I’ve seen the Rochester Redwings, the West Michigan Whitecaps, and the Pawtucket Red Sox. Minor league ball is always a blast, and it helps to have a castmate like Adam Halpin along. Dude’s a walking talking baseball encyclopedia who’s just as happy watching scrappy Single-A novices as he is watching Yankees - Red Sox. If the dogs are hot and the beer is cold, what’s not to love?

We have tickets to Wrigley for a Friday day-game this week, and chances to see games in Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Boston before I leave the tour in September. The home teams have gone 3-1 for me so far - let’s keep it going!

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