Teacher, Teacher!

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Had the distinct pleasure of sitting in as guest teacher at On a Clear Days leading lady Melissa Errico’s musical theatre workshop class at the prestigious HB Studios here in New York. I’ve been doing a little private coaching now and then, mostly giving advice to colleagues and castmates preparing for auditions. But this was a whole different deal. A dozen students, a wide variety of ages, types, and levels of experience. I was a little intimidated to be teaching where so many famous acting teachers have worked their magic, but Melissa had done such a great job of creating a warm supportive atmosphere that it was actually quite easy to jump in with observations and suggestions. We had a great time, and several of the students later came to see On a Clear Day. Had to make sure I was on my game that night. Never want your students to think Wait, why should I listen to HIM?

Stay tuned for more updates re coaching and teaching.

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