Thoughts on House of Cards


Finally got around to watching the series. (Full disclosure - like any insecure actor I had already logged into Netflix and scanned ahead to MY scenes to make sure I hadn't embarrassed myself. Whew.) It's been getting a ton of hype, as much for the online-only distribution model as for the quality of the series itself. But I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the storyline, the themes, and the overall tone of the show. Also some terrific acting, and a lead character who sucks the viewer into his ruthless worldview. The audience asides, a la Richard III, are my favorite part. (Though I'm told they annoy the hell out of some people - whatchya gonna do?)

I think I signed some kind of confidentiality agreement, but I don't think I'm violating anything by giving a little inside scoop for any hardcore fans of the show: When my friend Brent and I showed up in August to shoot the first scene, we were both pretty nervous about meeting our lead actor. Brent reached out to shake his had, causing Mr. Spacey to wince in pain. That's when we noticed the bandage wrapped around his right hand. Apparantly he had injured himself in some kind of accident a few days before, and he was still pretty tender. The bandage was not exactly subtle, and Brent and I were wondering if the writers would add anything to the script to explain it.

Fast forward to me watching the episode yesterday and - surprise! - episode 9 opens with Francis getting splashed with coffee that we've been told is "very hot." If anyone was watching the episode, wondering what was the significance of the coffee spill (which never gets mentioned again) well, mystery solved!

Gotta go - phone's ringing. Hope it's not an angry lawyer!

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