Up Up and (not) Away


So there's this terrrific new theater company up in Inwood, just one neighborhood north of our place here in Washington Heights. (New York realtors have been trying to use the hip term "WaHI" as in "Washington Heights - Inwood" but it just doesn't have the same cachet as Tribeca or Dumbo.) Anyway, it's called UP Theater, and their mission is "to bring serious, professional theater to Northern Manhattan."  They've hired Nancy Robillard to direct their new project, an evening of one-acts called 4.  Nancy made the bold move of casting me alongside my wife Joey in a piece called O Captain My Captain by Chris Van Strander. Our first time acting together!

The pieces vary widely in tone, theme and style. Ours is the funny one, a political satire disguised as a shipwreck/lifeboat crisis. Seems I can't get away from political material these days.

The show runs from 6/5 to 6/16, right off the #1 or A trains uptown. (Thus the blue and red dots in the logo seen above!)

Tickets available through Brown Paper Tickets.  Hope to see you there!

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