Vocal Track - Shout Outs!


So I've been tinkering with this website for a few years, comparing it to other performer sites out there. Some of my friends have built their own sites, others pay professional builders to create them. I've kept mine pretty basic, but I've always wanted to add some vocal tracks. Assumed it would require tons of effort and expense, but I found some folks to help me out and kept the cost and stress down to extremely reasonable levels. And they deserve some recognition!

First up is Paul Raiman, the guy behind MyRehearsalPianist.com. (He's also a big-time conductor/music director.) It's an awesome service. You send him a PDF of some sheet music, and for a nominal fee he sends you back an MP3 recording of him playing the music. For audition tunes, he does two separate tracks: one with the full accompaniment, and one with the melody line played nice and clearly on top of it. And the tracks are usually ready within 24 hours. So so SOOO helpful. He's also really great at listening to what you need in terms of tempo, etc. In short, he rocks.

Next up is my amazing recording engineer Darren Korb, whom I first met when I recorded some tracks for a show he's written with his brother Dan, Marry Me, the Musical. His Brooklyn apartments doubles as a pretty awesome recording studio. He put me through my paces, and even put up with my howls of protest as we listened together to the playback and selected the best takes.

So the track is "I've Been" from Next to Normal. Check it out, and let me know what you think!

© Craig Waletzko 2016