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So tomorrow is the closing of WiredArts Fest, presented by VirtualArts.tv - a company near and dear to my heart. Virtual Arts is committed to bringing the performing arts into the 21st century through live-streaming to the internet. The festival is happening at the Secret Theatre is Long Island City, an intimate black box space that seats less than a hundred people. But there are four camera operators in the house, and the performances are edited in real time and streamed to audiences in front of their computers, tablets, and smartphones, ALL OVER THE WORLD! (That's not exaggeration - viewers have joined the online chat from Europe, Asia, South America… not to mention Jersey and small-town Ohio.) Twelve different companies performing over two weeks, with over 68,000 viewers! Please check out their website (you may see a familiar face in clips of their first streamed play, Better Left Unsaid) and stay tuned for more news from this amazing company!

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