Ye Gods!


Had the good fortune last week to be included in a develpomental reading of a new play with music, Vestments of the Gods, written by my good friend and Playwrights Gallery member Owen Panetierri, and directed by this woman Joey Brenneman.

The play is a retelling of Sphocles' Antigone, set in a fifth-grade clasroom preparing for its Halloween costume party. When one of the boys gets teased for coming dressed as "Jesus of Fab-u-leth," his friend supports him by announcing that she is actually dressed as the Prophet Mohammed. When the classroom chaos erupts, she refuses to take back her claim until she is told the fate of their beloved assistant teacher, who was mysteriously "reassigned" shortly after a class discussion turned to the subject of marriage equality.

I played Pricipal Creon, who struggles to balance his student's freedom of expression with demands from outraged parents, the political heat from an overly ambitious PTA president (played by Jen Cody,) and the dire warnings from the clairvoyant school janitor. Oh - and since it's Halloween I'm dressed as a clown.

Funny and absurd on the surface, but also a serious examination of freedom, poitical correctness, bullying, and the obligations and limitations of authority. Cool stuff!

© Craig Waletzko 2016