For Fun Home at Virginia Stage Company:

"Craig Waletzko as father Bruce is probably the most complicated of the characters in Fun Home. He portrays Bruce with aplomb that is at once empathetic and horrifying."

"Waletzko portrays Bruce’s divided personalities with unbridled emotion. His vehement performance made me laugh at times and brought me to tears"

"Waletzko tackles this challenging, pivotal scene with subtlety and a quiet despair that eventually grows frantic and erupts. It’s an intimate, complicated, devastating, and fulfilling story.”

"The most complex role is that of the father. Craig Waletzko wrings all he can from the book."

For Kinky Boots First National Tour:

"Special recognition must also go to Craig Waletzko, whose character goes through a lovely metamorphosis from bookkeeper drudge to his own true self, with a song-and-dance enthusiasm that is simply ebullient."


For Irving Berlin’s White Christmas at Syracuse Stage:

“The coupling of Waletzko and Patterson is much more satisfying. As the more light-hearted pairing, their 'love at first sight' relationship and happy-go-lucky personalities culminated in a heartfelt display of affection.”


“Their exquisite ballroom dance sequences may lead you to reflect, ‘Aaah — that’s why we love those Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers movies!'"
 CNY Café Momus  

For I Do I Do at Surflight Theatre:

“So why does ‘I Do I Do’ work at Surflight? Because of the wonderful performances turned in by Bodnar and Waletzko. They are polished, smooth, professional... they’re able to glide - even at points to soar. After a summer given to TV stars, I was thrilled to see theater people once again taking the spotlight.”


For Better Left Unsaid, live-streamed from CenterStage NYC:

“Kathryn Velvel Jones and Craig Waletzko, as the married couple, Luisa and Nick, dealing with infidelity, do a fine job conveying the Everyperson-ness of the couple’s situation, while also not letting that take away from its importance to these particular characters.”

“There is firm ground in the play: scenes between the squabbling Luisa and Nick have rising and falling action, and showcase the strongest actors.”


“What makes Better Left Unsaid so successful is how honestly it is acted by this gifted ensemble.  There are moments that are unbearably real – such as when Luisa is throwing her child’s birthday cupcakes at her husband, Nick, out of frustration at the perfect facade he was able to create during the party despite having cheated on her.”


For On a Clear Day You Can See Forever at Irish Rep NYC

"Craig Waletzko brings a sense of tradition and conservativism to his role as Mark’s colleague, Dr. Conrad Fuller.

For Wallenberg at White Plains PAC:

"Michael Scott (Miklos Horthy), Craig Waletzko (Wallenberg’s fellow diplomat Per Anger), and Darrel Blackburn (as Gen. Schmidthuber) are also first-rate.”


For Backwards in High Heels at the Asolo Rep:

“Craig Waletzko stands out as Ginger’s dancing, drinking, older first husband.”


For May-December with the Nose and Clammy (NYC Fringe Fest 2009):

“...well written and beautifully acted…”

“The acting is very solid... Waletzko plays Noah with deep conviction.”

“The following eighty minutes are fun to watch, running... on the cast’s considerable charm and chemistry.”


For Beauty and the Beast at Pioneer Theatre Company:

“The minor characters are adorable as well. Waletzko as Lumiere is sweetly French.”   

“Lumiere is performed with subtlety and in good voice.”


For Funny Girl at Barrington Stage:

“Craig Waletzko is a standout as Eddie Ryan. His peppy "Rat-tat-tat-tat " is just one showcase for him.”


“The wonderful number by Waletzko and Kenyon, ‘Who Taught Her Everything?’ should never end.”


For My One and Only at Theatre By The Sea:

“Craig Waletzko as the country hick, Billy,has a strong voice in his numbers especially in the first act finale, "Strike Up the Band". He dances perfectly and can out tap anyone I've seen. The naive love scenes and preparations are very funny and he handles these scenes with ease.”


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